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                     About Non Vegetarian Pickles

            Is a meal without meat deemed under do or insufficient by your family members?  Then, cooking non-veg on a daily basis is unquestionably a laborious task.  Why not opt for a side dish decor on their plates with non-veg pickles?  For many of you, this fact of making non-veg pickles is surprising, but it is an age-old practice that is nutriment intact.

To mitigate your onus count on Naroti as a reliable, trustworthy food partner where one mouse click is enough to buy online and bring your scrumptious, savory, favorite non-veg pickles that are homey, hand-made, vinegar free with an extra zing straight from your grandma’s kitchen to your doorstep and leave you finger-licking ultimately.

You can rely on Naroti for ideal non-veg pickles suiting your unique taste & acting like your life savior during tired times in this busy internet era lifestyle.  Our non-vegetarian pickles are made from ambrosial spices, purest oil, and fresh halal-cut superior quality meat – boneless, preservative-free, additive-free, color free and we use nature fresh ingredients sourced locally from farmers plus cook with a country touch by the rural women in small batches ensuing Andhra style.

The super-duper rewards got from consuming non-veg pickles that are naturally fermented are countless stating a few –  aids your digestion process, eases menstrual cramps or common cramps, burst out your stress factor, gut-healthy, probiotics rich and curbs your sugar spikes.

The prime, first-class products we recommend from our inventory would be Captivating Chicken Pickle, Mouth-watering Mutton Pickle, Palatable Prawn Pickle & Fantastic Fish Pickle infusion with the rural touch of Gongura, Chinthaku, Munagakku leaves and Avakaya which eases your tummy in and out when taken with rotis, parathas, chapatis or rice being a flavourful & memorable companion to make your day.

You can in fact show your love to near & dear ones by placing an order online and it will be delivered anywhere in India for free – Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata.    We do trade globally!  Make your meal quick and easy with Sitara Non-Veg Pickles!

Also, try our vegetarian pickles – with or without garlic,  instant powders & masalas along with crunchy, munch traditional sweets & hot.

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